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We offer the newest and highest quality lens offerings so you can customize your new glasses to best meet your visual needs. Get familiar with some of our most popular lens options so your next glasses are your best ones yet!

Thin and Light High Index lenses:

Newer generation High Index plastic polymers have a higher refractive index(stronger light focusing ability) than standard plastic lens material.
This allows High Index lenses to provide the same prescription power in a thinner and lighter design so your lenses won’t be as thick at the edges and your glasses won’t feel as heavy on your face. High Index plastics are also better at blocking damaging Ultraviolet (UV) light when compared to standard plastic, giving you more protection against UV related eye diseases.

NO-Glare lens treatment: As glasses lenses focus light to help you see clearer, some of the light is reflected off the surfaces of the lenses. The reflected light can cause distracting Glare that makes it harder to see clearly and can be irritating to your eyes. Glare often leads to eye fatigue and headaches. NO-Glare treatments reduce unwanted reflections from overhead lights, computer screens, headlights, etc. making your lenses nearly invisible.

This leads to less eye fatigue and nighttime glare. In addition, the high quality CRIZAL® NO-Glare treatments we offer also provide protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, and UV light.

Transitions: Transitions lenses adjust from clear to dark automatically in response to the amount of UV light around you. For patients on the go or those who are tired of changing between sunglasses/clips throughout the day, the convenience of Transitions® makes it a great choice. Transitions® products continue to improve and are now available in versions that provide polarization, get darker than ever before, and adjust inside a car to enhance driving vision.

Lens materials and treatments are constantly improving to better serve your visual needs.

Next time you need to update your glasses, let us help you decide what options will excel in your life.

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