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  • Tami Martinak - Office Manager
  • Kathleen Thompson - Receptionist
  • Kelli Meiers – Receptionist
  • Tawny Barton - Insurance/Billing Clerk
  • Rita Burch - Scheduling Coordinator
  • Emily Collie - Scheduling Coordinator
  • Audrey Clem - Dr. Deutscher’s Assistant
  • Glenna Ludwig - Collection Specialist
  • Kristy Anderson - Correspondence Secretary
  • Chris Rogers - West Office Lead Optician
  • Teena Dirks - DT Office Lead Optician
  • Pam Klotz - Optician/Contact Lens Specialist
  • Vicki Loader - Optician
  • Amanda Monaghan – Dr. Rottinghaus’ Assistant


In this edition, we are proud to shine the spotlight of attention and appreciation on Glenna Ludwig. Glenna has been with us for 18 years! She joined our practice in the fall of 1999 and has brought a smile and positive attitude with her every day since.
spot-lightMost of our patients know Glenna as the fun and welcoming receptionist that worked at the west office for 15 years. Her ability to remember patient’s names and their families along with her genuine interest in their wellbeing are special traits that made an impression on many over the years. In the last few years, Glenna has been working part time in our business office, but she still makes an appearance at the front desk on occasion.

Glenna’s greatest passion is her family. She has been married to George Ludwig for the past 5 years and they enjoy dancing together. In fact, they have won the German October fest polka competition 2 yearsin a row! Glenna has 3 siblings, 6 children, 16 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren. She also has a 14-year-old German shorthair named Josie. When speaking about her family she says, “Nothinggives me greater joy. What a blessing they are to me.” In addition to her passion for family, Glenna loves spending time baking and is also a talented musician. She played the organ at church for several years and continues to enjoy playing her piano and organ when she can.

Glenna is a charismatic and joyful person whose positivity is contagious. She genuinely enjoys taking care of patients and coworkers alike. We appreciate your uplifting spirit, Glenna, and thank you for all you do!

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